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The Scoop...

Sandra Cruze has over thirty five years experience as a hair dresser and salon owner. In her career she has had two successful salons. Her first salon, MoHair ( Museum of Hair) opened in the historic Old Pasadena district in 1987 when Old Town was first being restored to it’s original grandeur.  Sandra was there for over five years, building her staff which culminated in an 18 member team.

After a brief hiatus, her second salon - Ellouise - was opened in the industrial district of Pasadena. With another great loft like space, Ellouise housed some of the best stylists in the area. 

Ellouise thrived for close to two decades. Creating not just wonderful and singular hairstyles and hair color by expert stylists, but Ellouise also came to be seen as a hub for experimental theater, music, spoken word, mini wellness retreats, and small craft bazaars featuring local artists with one of a kind designs.

String Theory Designs was born out of this space. A jewelry company started by Sandra Cruze and Carla Fortney who both make and design hand made crocheted jewelry.  Then there were the art shows, and parties, and when the world changed for America for ever after 9/11, Ellouise became a safe haven to come and have a cup of coffee and conversation. Not only did Ellouise make her clients and friends beautiful on the outside, she offered a respite from the chaotic and increasingly challenging world.  

With this incredible kaleidoscope of events, offerings and magnificent clients that gave Ellouise her identity and her soul, it was a very difficult decision to finally close her doors at 55 Waverly Drive in 2017.   Having had so many flavors of fun, Sandra decided to simplify her life and move her salon to a more intimate setting.

A new and exciting chapter for her, her long time friends and clients now begins. Sandra now does hair by appointment (626-833-7877). She also makes jewelry with her friend Carla, and when she is not doing hair, she is writing. Plays, episodic TV, a sci-fi film in the works and acting as well.  Having stood behind a chair listening to the most delicious and riveting stories from the most fascinating clients and sharing hers as well, how could she not want to become a story teller herself. What better way than film and stage.  Being a hair dresser is such a creative expression, one that only grows with time and experience. There is just no stopping the creative process and why would anyone want to?